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We proceeded and we reached a garden of deep

We proceeded and we reached a garden of deep, dense green vegetation, having all sorts of spring colours. In the midst of the garden, there was a very tall man (Ibrahim AS) …and around him were children in such a large number as I have never seen…’ 


By Him in whose hands is my life

“By Him in whose hands is my life, a child will pull its mother to Jannah if she is patient”

[Ibn Majah]


I have no better reward than Jannah

I have no better reward than Jannah for a believing servant of Mine who is patient and resigned when I take away one of his beloved, one he cherished most in this world



On the Death of Ibrahim SAW

Ibrahim was in his last breaths and the eyes of Allah’s Messenger started shedding tears.

Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf said, “O Allah’s Messenger (SAW), even you are weeping!”

He (SAW) said, “O Ibn ‘Auf, this is mercy”. Then he (SAW) wept more and said, The eyes are shedding tears and the heart is grieved, and we will not say except what pleases our Lord. O Ibrahim! Indeed, we are grieved by your separation”.



The child was lifted

The child was lifted up to the Messenger of Allah (SAW) while his breath was disturbed in his chest. On seeing that, the eyes of the Prophet (SAW) streamed with tears.

Sa’d bin ‘Ubadah said “O Messenger of Allah! What is this?”

He (SAW) replied, It is compassion which Allah has placed in the hearts of His slaves, Allah is compassionate only to those among His slaves who are compassionate (to others)”



No fatigue

No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, except that Allah expiates some of his sins for it.




“Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return.”
[Qur’an: Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:156]


The death of a close relative or close friend is a very difficult experience and the period of grief can leave you feeling empty and alone. Grief is a very personal process, and can take many months or years to come to terms with.

In the immediate aftermath of the death you may feel any number of emotions. Some of these are shock, pain, anger, guilt, longing, depression and denial. Shock – ‘I can’t believe this has happened’ or feeling numb.

  • Pain – the pain can be physical, mental or emotional.

  • Anger – this can be aimed at yourself, the person who has died or at the situation.

  • Guilt – this can be about things said or done while the person was alive or in the time leading up to the death.

  • Depression – life can seem too difficult to bear, as though it has lost all meaning.

  • Longing – wanting to see or hear the person who has died, or actually seeing or hearing them even though you know it is not possible.

These emotions are completely normal.  Grieving is a normal process and you should not feel guilty for feeling any or all of the above.


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